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EastWest Institute (EQI) and Rafidain Center for Dialogue (RCD) are pleased to announce a cooperation and partnership program for the upcoming RCD Forum 2019 which will be held 3rd to 5th of Feb in Baghdad RCD Forum 2019 is first of its kind to be held in Baghdad, and would be attended by highest level of Iraqi, regional and International officials from the Governments, as well as Parliament members, scholars and researchers from major Think Tanks and universities from Iraq and abroad. “Iraq is increasingly a core country for EWI’s MENA Program. We have provided thought leadership to the Atlantic Council’s Task Force on the Future of Iraq, and co-authored the expert working group’s report on Iraq’s climate related security risks.” Said Kawa Hassan, Director of EWI’s Middle East and North Africa Program. Mr. Hassan added “We are honored to cooperate with RCD and looking forward to convening a panel on rule of law, combating corruption and a workshop on climate change at the RCD Forum in Baghdad.” “The RCD Forum will be much richer in content and substance with the participation of EWI” said Farhad Alaaldin, Chairman of RCD Forum Organising Committee. “EWI has a long established track record working in Iraq and we are delighted to have them at RCD Forum as partners” About EastWest Institute: EastWest Institute (EWI) is a global network of influential stakeholders committed to and engaged in building trust and preventing conflict around the world. EWI has a 37-year track record of convening dialogue and back channel diplomacy to develop sustainable solutions for today’s major political, economic and security issues. Our work is urgently needed as the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is undergoing historic, complex and rapid transformations and transitions. The results are profound: violent geopolitical shifts, a reshaping of state-society relations, polarization, fragmentation and an ongoing contest for power and influence between the region’s main protagonists. It is against this background, and in the absence of a regional security structure—which could manage, prevent and resolve conflicts—that renders EWI’s work all the more valuable. EWI’s MENA Program looks at evolving scenarios, and potential conflict triggers and dynamics that could emerge as a consequence of the current policies and politics. We then facilitate confidential meetings where political and social leaders, organizations, academics and media professionals can engage in constructive dialogues, generate balanced recommendations and innovate ways to defuse tensions and mitigate conflict. In this way, we are able to build trust, complement and initiate new channels of communication between national and regional rivals, promote inclusive politics and governance, favor cooperation over competition and deliver win-win solutions. The Iran Saudi Dialogue project is a flagship initiative of EWI’s MENA program.

Rafidain Center for Dialogue (RCD) is an independent Think Tank registered as an NGO incorporated in 1994 in the Holly City of Najaf. RCD has a 1400 registered members that includes majority of the political party leadership of Iraq, top government officials, academic staff of major universities, think tank scholars and researchers. RCD members come from all the components of Iraqi Society from North to South, East to West.

RCD works on encouraging political, cultural and economic dialogue among the Iraqi people. Aiming to advance the democratic experience, establishing societal peace, and supporting the government and non-governmental institutions through a wide range of studies, research papers, publications, and conducting seminars, conferences and field visits.

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